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Arizona Taxi



We're just a bunch of hard-working people who care about what we do and how we do it. That means just one thing. Which is, being as good as possible at what we do. Being as good as possible means providing a personal yet professional 5-star service – at competitive prices. Using the best technology while treating people with respect.

Our History.
Arizona Taxicab Company was launched in Tempe, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, Arizona in May of 2012. Starting with only 1 car from a small office in Tempe, Arizona, Arizona Taxicab Company has become a fast growing company.

Our Vision.
Our vision isn’t about us. It’s about the community that we serve and the high quality of service that we provide. At Arizona Taxi we will always act with integrity, responsibility and professionalism. Arizona Taxi provides a quick, personal and professional service. Our excellent prices are just a bonus.

Our Pledge To You.
At Arizona Taxi we will always:
1.) answer the phone with a smile
2.) listen
3.) learn
4.) aim for perfection and
5.) continue to find ways to improve our customer experience.

Black Car Services

The Black Car/Executive car - our "premium car" - is for our most discerning clients. A luxury experience awaits passengers who wish to travel in true style - black leather interior, extra legroom, built-in Apple iPads, free Starbucks coffee, Coca-Cola, and Snapple, the creme de la creme of our drivers and, of course - free 4g Lte wifi on board. Book early, sit back and enjoy.

Airport Service

Arizona Taxi serves Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and is ready to take you to Sky Harbor anytime. Day or night. We offer a comfortable and economical ride from your front door right to your terminal gate. Our taxis are large with plenty of trunk space for your luggage.

Door to Door Service

You can rely on Arizona Taxicab Company for all of your transportation needs. Our friendly drivers, comfortable taxicabs and reasonable rates take the hassle out of getting to and from any destination you choose in the Phoenix Metro area.

Taxi Package Delivery Service

At Arizona Taxi, Inc. we specialize in delivering small (150 lbs max) packages and documents throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area with unprecedented speed. Guaranteed 3 hour delivery anywhere in the Phoenix area.

A Night on the Town Service

Arizona Taxi is committed to helping keep the streets safe from drivers under the influence. If you plan to drink tonight, then you better have plans to get home. If you are going for a night out choose Arizona Taxi.

Sight Seeing

Take a convenient Arizona Taxi to see some of the Phoenix area's top attractions in a whole new way!

Shopping Trips

Shopping tours, transportation for weddings, reunions, etc., are only a few of the options we offer. Transportation from your hotel, home (or other location) to your choice of entertainment is what we're about.

Business Meetings

Known for our exceptional customer service and experienced, courteous drivers. Late-model vehicles, efficient reservations and state-of-the-art dispatching technology make every trip a superior experience for our customers.


Channing Frye, Phoenix Suns, Paradise Valley, AZ

"Great ride man. This is awesome. It's great. You're on time and a great person to talk to. Fairly cheap and the taxi is a nice smooth ride. It's all good and I love it. Check them out. Just google (Arizona Taxi) and they'll be here."

The Jones Girls, Phoenix, AZ

"We love you! We love you! Thank you so much for getting us here safe! We love the ride. It's so smooth. We'll be calling again for sure."

Mariah, Tory and Glenn, Tempe, AZ

"Our driver was awesome!"

Abdullah, Tempe, AZ

"They are a good taxi and I like them very much. They are a good company. You are a great taxi driver."

Otman and Abdul, Tempe, AZ

"It's very nice. Of course, we like it. The cab is clean and we'd recommend you guys to anyone."

Christian, Tempe, AZ

"It's a great service. Just used you guys last night actually and you guys have great fares. You're quick, easy and fast as well. The drivers are great. Use these guys all the time."

Mike, Scottsdale, AZ

"Awesome. Always on time. Always gonna show up when you need them and there's hardly ever a wait. Lot's of cool drivers. These guys are the guys to call to have a good time before you get to your good times. You should try them out if you can."

Peter, Chandler, AZ

"Great. This is the best cab company and taxi ride that I've ever had. A clean cab and a really elequent, erudite, educated driver."

Chris and Jenn, Tempe, AZ

"Wow. You guys were here in like 3 minutes. I called Discount Cab and Clean Air Cab but they never showed up. But you guys got here superfast. Very clean and a very good ride. Our driver tells great stories, was on time and really helped us out alot."

Greg, Tempe, AZ

"The taxi ride was great. I had to catch a flight out today and needed to take a cab so I called and the driver was there to pick me up 10 minutes early which was awesome since I was already outside waiting. I got a nice enjoyable ride. Quick ride. Clean cab. Nice driver and a good all-around deal. This company is the one I'll use and recommend to my friends."

Alex and McKenzie, Tempe, AZ

"We use you all the time. It's the cheapest and best ride ever. The cab is so clean the you could eat off the floor. Every time we get in the cab we never know what's going to happen but it's always a good time. Good conversation, good laughs and a good time. And of course it's a cheap ride. We recommend you guys to our friends and give your cards out all the time.
We're frequent fliers."

Sarah, Brittney and Jessica, Tempe, AZ

"Oh my gosh! You're so fast! Like three seconds later you were there. It was perfect. The cab's beautiful. It's immaculate. Very clean. The cab's got a new car smell which we love."

Lauren, Scottsdale, AZ

"I take your taxi all the time, anywhere I need to go. I love riding in your taxis. You guys are always on time, and you pretty much will take me anywhere I want to go. The cabs are unbelievably clean. It smells like a new car. Everything is so clean and fresh smelling and really, the cab-drivers are really nice. The drivers are so nice and very helpful. They're great to chat with and they show me around the town and tell me all the cool places to go. I would recommend your company to anybody. It's been really wonderful."

Hamed, Tempe, AZ

"I like your taxi. When I go to shopping or any other place I always call your taxi. You always get there very fast. Like today, you picked me up in just two minutes! Just two minutes! I like you and I will always call you. This is very clean and a very special taxi."